The Mayor of New Taipei City, Mr. Hou, from a criminal police to a mayor

General Education Center, University of Taipei, held a series of lecture during each semester. We choose new and impressive topics related to the structure of General Education curriculum, as a line or like a bridge, to link each classified electives.

On Dec 6th, 2019, we were honored to have a big person to have an impressive lecture, who is the Mayor of New Taipei City, Hou, yi-ih. He was a criminal police before being the Mayor, and had attended solving many crimes. His criminal police experiences make a big difference when he attends in public affairs and political policies. His policy belief is people always have a believable and happiness life.

The Mayor Hou told us, he did the best to understand what the citizens needs and why the problem cannot be solved in the long time, and tried the best to reach the needs and solve the problem, and he will keep doing them.

After the speech, we expect the powerful Mayor Hou is full of energy, and keeps doing the best, and citizens in New Taipei City are blessed.

Implemented by General Education Center
Date: 2019/12/06

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