General Education Course "Dialogue of Amis language"

For the purpose of encouraging students to learn indigenous languages and carry out multiculturalism, our school (University of Taipei) offer this course. After Professor Liu and Professor Zhang ’s class, students all benefit a lot. Not only can they memorize basic conversation, but they can also recognize indigenous culture. Besides, another advantage is that students will respect different cultures and interact with each other. Furthermore, professors also plan various teaching ways like filed trips, lectures and Reader’s theater to enrich the classes. Students will not just stay in the classroom;instead, they will be multi-learning. The following will take a two-semester course activities as examples. 1.228 Peace Memorial Park Students can rethink the 228 incident from more aspects after visiting 228 Peace Memorial Hall. They can know the background of this tragedy. Afterwards, they will realize the history, comprehend the history and reflect on the history. 2.Lecture-The ‘‘indigenous people’’ of Taiwanese movies By appreciating plots of indigenous movies, lecturer’s personal background and his experience, students can reknow the indigenous people. Also, They can reexamine the clips are appropriate or not. To take a step further, those wrong stereotypes should be corrected and eliminated. 3. Lecture- Matrilineal society of the Amis The lecturer use storytelling to lead students to learn about the culture of the Amis, including their tribal social systems, traditional singing and dancing, the way of love and the culture of tribal sharing. 4. Reader’s theater Professors use the method called Reader’s theater to ask students to find a partner and practice the tailor-made materials. Each group of students will go on the stage and perform for one or two classes. Moreover, those outstanding performances will be the role model of this course. On the whole, this course is an introduction to basic life conversation. As long as students study hard during the classes, they can master in the basic conversation of the Amis and have a new tool. What students learn about indigenous culture in this course can be useful when they meet indigenous people. If they visit the tribe in the future, they will know the lifestyle of the indigenous people and respect the different culture.

Implemented by General Education Center
Date: 2019/09/09-2020/01/10

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