Creative App Application of Traveling in Taipei

  In order to respond to the project of programming learning for university students from the Ministry of Education, based on lectures and classes. University of Taipei (UT) hold the competition to encourage students to develop not only programing logic thinking but also basic technology knowledge, and they could have the primary ability to participate in digital economy. Take the “Creative Design Application of Traveling in Taipei” for example, participants could realize the design of applications and imitation, and they could complete the applications about life step by step;besides, they would enjoy themselves by applying their applications in the daily life. The curriculum of “Application for Life” was problem-oriented, life-oriented and customized with a view to improving students’ learning motivation. Using the App Inventor managed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as a tool, all the contents in the course was recorded in the digital learning system, and be practiced in the class.   Moreover, there were two relevant thematic lectures held in Tianmu Campus and Bo-ai Campus of our school, including “the First Episode of AI Pillar Development” and “Service-oriented Information Applied to Business Operation and Management”. After the competition, for the purpose of being geared to industry practice, the lecture ”, Product Design Concept Creation and Practical Experience Sharing” ,was held in Tianmu Campus. There were 83 faculties and students taking part in this grand event. Lecture - “The First Episode of AI Pillar Development”   Mr. Yuan, the former and CEO of AI Writter which was a start-up company, introduced the application of artificial intelligence in various industries. Lecture - “Service-oriented Informationization Applied to Business Operation”   Mr. Xu, the manager of the ERP Society of National Central University and assistant professor of the Department of Business Management of Feng Chia University, gave a speech on the planning of enterprise resources. Lecture – “Product Design Concept and Practical Experience”   Mr. Zhang, the chief product design engineer of PETER’s CO., LTD., was invited to give a lecture on product design practice.   UT provided some scholarships with an eye to stimulating the enthusiasm for participating in the competition. In addition, we promoted the competition information “Creative Design Application of Traveling in Taipei” on the website, entrances of various building and information management liberal arts. After our publicity, students took part in the contest enthusiastically, and there were 29 teams sending their works this time;41 faculty members and students partook in the day of final trail.

Implemented by General Education Center
Date: 2019/04/01-2019/10/31

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