The selection of the Distinguished Award for General Education Teachers

The Distinguished Award for General Education Teachers had been held by Principal Xia-Ling Dai on January 12, 2020. We expect that all the teachers of General education center can keep moving and improving themselves. Due to the resolution of General Education Committee, Jia-Rong Lee and Ji-Jing Chen are the premium teachers; Jia-Qi Chen, Min-Jun Jiang, Li-Ling Guo, Yi-Cheng Chen and Fu-Ling Yang are the excellent teachers. With the selection of the Distinguished Award for General Education Teachers, we trust that Quality Education (Sustainable Development Goal 4, SDG4) can be achieved. The following is the brief feedback from external reviewer to each outstanding general education teacher: Teacher Jia-Rong Lee uses various learning activities to promote students’ leaning motivation and the participation of cooperative learning. Moreover, she makes a huge impact on the curriculum design by integrating role-playing and multi-perspective thinking. Teacher Ji-Jing Chen uses multiple teaching methods to lead students to realize the beauty of literature and foster their abilities to think independently. Furthermore, it is marvelous that students can learn and write systematically with her tailor-made teaching materials. The course planned by Teacher Jia-Qi Chen is student-oriented and multi-learning instead of didactic instruction. Besides, she will also duly use differentiated instruction during the class. Without doubts, it is worthy of recognition. Teacher Min-Jun Jiang regards “Autoethnography” as the main idea of teaching and curriculum. It is an innovative approach for academic development, and we should be rooting for her. Teacher Li-Ling Guo uses the tailor-made teaching materials to guide students into the medical field through the life-oriented perspectives. What’s more, students can learn cooperatively and reflect the issues about health and social ethics in the course. There is no denying that we are supposed to applaud for her. Teacher Yi-Cheng Chen piques students’ interests in learning Chinese with visual art and makes good use of e-learning platform to give feedback to students. We should give full marks to him. Teacher Fu-Ling Yang can make the best of ee-class to implement differentiated instruction, and earn recognition from students for her teaching practice.

Implemented by General Education Center
Date: 2021/03/01

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