Computer Drawing Training Camp

1. This study combines the 59th Anniversary of Jingmei Gao’s 59th Anniversary Poster Selection and School Anniversary Cultural and Creative Product Production Contest, to set up a one-day activity-computer drawing camp for Jingmei Gao, from the introduction of computer drawing software to the story of creative picture books. The design group discussion, and the final review and selection of excellent works, the participants felt very rewarding. 2. In the course of the basic operation teaching of computer graphics (Adobe Illustrator), the professor and senior sister of this department will lead Jingmei to learn about the software for high-level students. Individual guidance and assistance to complete the personal work in just 3 hours, through practical operation and communication learn. 3. The introduction of the works of the special courses of this department, including: experience the board games and picture book works designed by this department; The school celebration contest and the Jingmei high school students who participated in this seminar received a lot of rewards and received professional reviews. In addition, they quickly absorbed and cultivated their aesthetic appreciation ability through the ingenuity of the fun arrangement of the courses. 4. The guided tour of the Student Art Gallery will be explained and shared by senior sisters of each grade. Topic: Introduction to the course works of the Department of Learning and Media Design (Basic Design, Digital Image Creation, Design Aesthetics, Textbook Design, Industry-University Cooperation)

Implemented by Department of Learning and Materials Design
Date: 2021/03/21

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