2023 Activities of Professional Development: Visit to Australia Canberra Outdoor Playground and Kindergartens

Professor Lin Peirong, Su Yuling, Lu Wenyue, and Qiu Jiahui from the Department of Early Childhood Education led a total of 39 graduate students and kindergarten teachers to visit preschools and related educational institutions in Canberra and Sydney, Australia during the winter vacation of 2023 for 11 days. During the visit, they visited nine kindergartens, the Faculty of Education of the University of Canberra, the famous Australian Pod Playground, the National Art Gallery and the Science and Technology Museum in Canberra, etc. The purpose of this trip is to learn about Australia's famous outdoor playgrounds and how schools create natural landscapes as outdoor classrooms, how the school space provides children with an outdoor play space that emphasizes natural ecology and cultivates children's learning in exploring the natural environment and social interaction.

Implemented by Department of Early Childhood Education
Date: 2023/01/26-2023/02/05

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