"2023 Taiwan Sustainable Education Award" Forum and Awards Ceremony

In order to implement sustainable education and continue to promote campus sustainability, our school and the Taiwan Sustainable Energy Research Foundation jointly organized the "2023 Taiwan Sustainable Education Award" this year. The "2023 Taiwan Sustainable Education Award" and the Zhongding Education Foundation's "ESDG Integrate with the International, Turn the Future - 112 Years of Sustainable Development Education School-based Curriculum Program Solicitation Activity" held a forum and joint award on August 25, 2023 During the ceremony, teachers are expected to integrate topics such as net zero carbon emissions and sustainable management into the school curriculum, and also to praise and encourage schools with outstanding performance in sustainable development, so that they can devote more effort to achieve sustainable education on a daily basis.

Implemented by Center for Teaching and Learning Development
Date: 2023/08/25

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