Artificial Intelligence for Earthquake Magnitude Prediction and Warning

Earthquake warning system The current to operation of earthquake warning system involves three or more monitoring stations detecting P-waves. Using high-speed computers, it estimates the epicenter, depth, intensity, and Richter scale magnitude. Next, it uses cell broadcast to warnings as many people as possible who are about to be affected by the earthquake, thereby striving to provide several to tens of seconds for response. Therefore, the calculation speed is a critical technological challenge, as the shorter the time spent, the wider coverage of the warning. With the rise of AI, we have more efficient computing, aiming to issue earthquake warnings in five seconds and predict the intensities in various areas. The development of AI for earthquake warning is still in progress. Due to less cases of magnitude 7 or higher earthquake in Taiwan, there is short of data for training AI. As a result, the effectiveness of predicting extremely high-intensity earthquakes remains uncertain. Furthermore, training AI only considers seismic wave patterns without accounting for geological conditions, which represents a potential source of error.

Implemented by College of Science
Date: 2023/09/07

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