"Listen loudly" High School Student Camp - Wanhua Community College "Join the ranks of community participation" on-site teaching

In order to enhance the knowledge and skills of young students related to public participation, enhance their vision and practical ability in public affairs, and help them understand public affairs and actively participate in community services, the team of this camp will provide expert lectures from a variety of perspectives (such as: introduction to non-profit organizations, environmental sustainability concepts, youth political participation, legal knowledge, etc.), citizen proposal practical exercises, on-site teaching and other activities to stimulate young students’ creativity and ideas about public affairs, and provide students with a channel and practical platform for public participation, and then put what they have learned into practice Various practical actions exert the positive power to change society. Plant a seed in your heart, let young people influence young people, let the power of Taiwan's civil society gradually grow and thrive, and make Taiwan society more progressive. The camp team invites experts to give speeches, covering a wide range of topics, including: introduction to non-profit organizations, environmental sustainability applications, youth participation in politics, introduction to the role of civil servants, reading polls, laws in life, etc. Through multi-faceted special lectures, students can understand that public affairs issues are very diverse and closely related to their own lives, and at the same time enhance students' sensitivity to public affairs. Through on-site teaching, our team allows students to personally enter the scene and become a member of the public affairs community. Go to Wanhua Community University and New Immigrants Association: By cooperating with the tour guide, we start from Wanhua Community University and visit Huajiang Bridge and Yanya Nature Park to understand what constructions in the community can be achieved through our own efforts. And go to the old community in Liuxiangli to inspect the residential environment on the spot, and through direct spatial observation, explore how the life history of Wanhua people and community culture are accumulated; go to Tianmu Dream Parent-Child Paradise: take students to participate On-site where the budget was successfully implemented, and through the introduction of the promoter of the park renovation proposal, you can better understand the process of participatory budgeting. Through the day study at Wanhua Social University and the renovation of Tianmu Park, students can have a deeper understanding that a community, city, and society are all created step by step by the people living on these lands. Development imprints and understanding that "community participation" is the "foundation" and "power" of today's life progress. Finally, we use civic practice exercises to cultivate students’ civic literacy and strengthen students’ social practice ability. With the core goal of establishing topics and cultivating project execution capabilities, it combines the three mechanisms of "theory and knowledge transfer", "project execution and planning capabilities", and "professional desk leaders and record-keeping guidance" to make the course both theoretical and practical. The spirit of "learning by doing".

Implemented by Center for Teaching and Learning Development
Date: 2023/07/17-2023/07/20

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