out_Youth in Sustainability, let you take "carbon" into consideration - Climate Action & Community Climate Adaptation Design Workshop

In the face of climate change, most young people still feel distant from these issues, and even think that they are not "urgent". Although the word "environmental protection" is often heard in life, and we know that the whole world seems to be "heatedly" discussing the issue of net-zero carbon emissions, everyone still holds the belief that "If I don't do it, others will do it anyway." "Ideas", and therefore tend to do nothing; in the face of climate change, although the joint promotion of governments and enterprises is the fastest and most effective way, climate change is not "other people's business." Because "Today's youth will be the main group facing climate change in the future, but they are not the protagonists in participating in or providing opinions on this public affairs." Therefore, climate change is no longer just an environmental issue but also a social issue. It is a disadvantaged group that has been without a "voice" in various structures for a long time and will soon face more difficult social structural oppression. Therefore, how to advocate for the government to hear the voices of youth communities and disadvantaged groups, and invite everyone to see from them that we are facing environmental, social and economic changes under climate change, and take action to participate in understanding the impact of climate change issues on the local environment and life. , and realize a "feeling" net-zero green life, and finally allow the government to hear the voices of young people and take joint actions with cross-age groups around the community, which is the main goal of this event. This event is conducted using the "World Cafe" model, by inviting a wide range of participants (including people who are interested, willing, and curious but do not know much about the issue). It is not necessary to have prior knowledge or understanding of the issue in order to participate. , but can focus on thinking from the discussion process, find mutually acceptable opinions, and present an open dialogue. This event is mainly cross-age participation by high school students and students from Taipei City Wanhua Community College. Through the youth community, it connects the local community's sustainable living imagination, promotes food and health education, promotes environmental friendliness, and can adapt to the climate. The changing concept of planting and the establishment of a small garden for co-prosperity of the city. At the same time, we form alliances with local partners through action issues to inspire the learning practices of the university community and residents, establish the possibility of urban sustainability, and create a community ecological cycle.

Implemented by Center for Teaching and Learning Development
Date: 2023/07/21

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