Connecting local Wanhua—the past and present life of Ximen Red House and NPO business strategy

Ximen Red House is located in Wanhua District, Taipei City. The building consists of an octagonal tower and a cross tower. It was officially opened in 1908 and is an important landmark of Ximending. During the Japanese colonial period, Ximen Red House was a modern market selling daily necessities. After the end of World War II, the building was converted into a theater and suffered a disaster. Nowadays, the building is listed as a city-designated historic site and is operated by the Taipei City Cultural Foundation’s West Operations Department as a cultural and creative venue and exhibition space. In order to help students better understand the history of Ximen Red House and Wanhua, as well as cultivate keen and delicate observation skills, the "Social Science Research Methods" course in the Department of Public Affairs has specially arranged a guided tour of Ximen Red House, with professional explanations by staff from the Taipei City Cultural Foundation. , let students conduct field observations. In addition, the entire class of 42 people was divided into two groups during this visit to maintain the quality of the tour. In order to focus students' observations and avoid superficial observation, this activity has an observation record sheet. The observation projects practiced by students are divided into two categories: exterior and interior of the venue. Among them, the exterior of the venue is divided into three categories: "nearby business types", "surrounding environment flow", and "building appearance maintenance", while the interior is divided into "space utilization", "environment cleanliness and sanitation", "type of business establishments", "personnel" Service quality" and other four items. After class, each student wrote and uploaded an observation record sheet and feedback.

Implemented by Center for Teaching and Learning Development
Date: 2023/10/13

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