Accelerating the development of new energy sources to achieve net-zero emission for ESG

With the impact of climate change, the world must address the issue of carbon emissions. A number of foundations, NGOs, and even banks and corporations are making efforts to promote carbon neutrality and net-zero efforts in the hope of achieving the government's goal of net-zero emissions by 2050 through Carbon Footprint Verification, carbon reduction solutions, and so on. Mr. Lin Yuan Chuan, former General Manager of Panasonic Corporation in Taiwan, said that since the establishment of its first branch in Taiwan, Panasonic has been striving to be an environmentally advanced company, and has been endeavoring to achieve the ESG goal of net-zero emissions through the development of new energy sources by focusing on four major aspects: Energy Saving, Energy Creation, Energy Storage, and Energy Management.

Implemented by Department of Earth and Life Science
Date: 2024/03/27

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