2019 Taipei City Cup Youth League Championship

Event Information Event Name: 2019 The 15th Taipei International City Youth League Tournament (2019 Taipei International AA Baseball Invitational Tournament) The purpose of the competition: develop national sports, improve student baseball skills, popularize baseball population, and promote international sports exchanges. Competition date: December 21-25, 2019 Competition venue: Tianmu Baseball Field, Xinsheng Park Baseball Field, Guanshan Baseball Field (D, E) Participating teams: 32 teams Domestic: 21 teams (the top three in the middle school group in the 107th annual student league in Taipei City and the teams from each county and city) Overseas: 11 teams (8 teams from Japan, 2 teams from South Korea, 1 team from Hong Kong)

Implemented by Department of Ball Sports
Date: 2019/12/20-2019/12/27

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