2019 University of Taipei College of Humanities and Arts【College Reengineering 2.0】-South Korea Relocation Teaching Project

This (Humanities and Arts) College has implemented the "College Reengineering 2.0" project, and will go to Seoul, South Korea for teaching from October 14th to October 18th, 2019. There are a total of 32 teachers and students, including the dean, 1 teacher from each of the seven departments, 1 teaching assistant, and 23 students. The main purpose is to visit the five campuses of the four schools for exchanges, observations and learning. They are the Seoul Campus/Anseong Campus of Chung-Ang University, Korea University of Foreign Languages, Kyung Hee Girls’ High School, Seoul University, and experience Korean cuisine and Korean culture, through local students' explanations and personal visits to universities, to gain a deeper understanding of Korean student culture and school history.

Implemented by College of Humanities and Arts
Date: 2019/10/14-2019/10/18
Link: https://photo.xuite.net/utaipeihumanart/20470783*2

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