Department of Dance 107 Class Creation Exhibition

The department of dance was founded in 1998, which was Department of Dance, Taipei College of Physical Education at that time. This department assimilated varieties of art as well as humanities into this academy. The department itself also become a sports expertise institute and a professional one. The Master Degree program was later on established in 2004 in order to cultivate the talents of dancing education and improve academic research actively. The department of dance was then under the School of Humanities and Arts, after the college was upgraded and renamed as University of Taipei in 2013. Thereby the faculties might communicate with those of other departments of art directly. The Master Degree program introduces the Performance creation group in 2017 so that the blueprint of cultivating talents, such as dance performance, creative professionals, as well as education, was completed. The courses available at the department are diversity in different fields. Over the years, the numerous students have been trained and became the experts of dance performing arts, dance creation, dance education and dance therapy, many of them possess the literacy of both art and acadamy. The achievements of the department are appreciated, and the department is recognized as a professional Department of Dance with complete educational structure and particular characteristics.

Implemented by Department of Dance
Date: 2020/01/10

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