The 3rd Urban Planning National Industry-University Forum

Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, it has rapidly swept the world and caused serious restrictions and challenges on human activities, behaviors, and space. In the history of urban development, it can be seen that every pandemic of the epidemic will cause changes in the new thinking of urban space planning and the corresponding plan content. This epidemic is still ongoing, but it can be expected to affect the density of urban housing and activities. Situation, activity peaks, traffic patterns, commercial behavior and space, public health and urban disaster prevention, etc., will gradually have an impact. Can the professional field of urban planning and spatial planning be able to discuss the possible social changes in the post-epidemic era from the problems and influences of other international cities, or the phenomena observed in Taiwan, and propose the idea of ​​planning and paying for the subordinates and the corresponding policies and practices of the public sector? The proposal should be an important topic at this stage. At the same time, in the face of post-epidemic era and rapid planning professional changes (including global climate change issues, the formulation and implementation of territorial plans, the use control of territorial functional zoning, the development of rural areas, the release and implementation of special chapters of the administrative litigation law for urban plans, and acceleration Urban renewal promotes and improves the efficiency of urban renewal business formulation and review, etc.), the establishment and establishment of a professional visa mechanism must be considered for the professional response of urban planning, as well as to improve the professional quality of planning, accelerate the review timeliness, and simplify the review process. Active participation is more important than in the past.

Implemented by College of City Management
Date: 2020/08/28

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