The 6th International Seminar in Sport and Exercise Psychology

Over the past 5 years, the ISSEP has grown to be a major international seminar in sports and exercise psychology within the Asia Pacific Region.Through this seminar, it is aimed to share and disseminate information relevant to research and practical experiences within these disciplines. In addition to this, this year seminar features keynote addresses by prominent leaders from the International Society of Sport Psychology (ISSP) and Asian South Pacifi c Association of Sport Psychology (ASPASP). With a record number of 4 keynote speakers, 6 invited speakers, 26 oral presenters and 51 poster presenters from Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia and Thailand, we are delighted to see that this seminar are becoming larger and more substantial every year. This is a new record of having the biggest numbers of presenters in our seminar.

Implemented by Graduate Institute of Sport Pedagogy
Date: 2019/01/26-2019/01/28

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