Hsiao Shuyun, Section Chief of the Social Affairs Bureau of the Taipei City Government, places a special lecture on public affairs internship-Public-Private Cooperation-How to Solve Social Problems through Open Information

The Social Affairs Bureau of Taipei City Government is responsible for projects including social assistance, poverty alleviation, emergency relief, welfare for the physically and mentally handicapped, welfare for the elderly, women's welfare, support and advocacy for gender equality, child care services, material delivery and arrangement, and other assistance services. The main work of the Social Assistance Section under the Social Affairs Bureau is life assistance for disadvantaged citizens, medical assistance, emergency assistance, disaster assistance, national pension insurance subsidies, work-for-work, management of affordable housing, and resident counseling. In addition to this, there are also the preparation of relief supplies, the work of contact and coordination between disaster relief civil organizations, and the reserves of biological resources for disaster residents.

Implemented by Department of Social and Public Affairs
Date: 2019/11/15

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