International Visiting Chair Professor Antonio Figueiredo’s seminar

In order to increase (enhance) the interdisciplinary learning environment and the activity of international interschool cooperation. Our institute has pleasured to had a Portuguese professor Antonio Figueiredo as a visiting chair speaker for a 5 days seminar. Professor Antonio Figuiedo teaches at Faculty of Sport Science and Physical Education at University of Coimbra. His researches interest in the sports training for young athletes, especially the correlation between growth maturation and development of young football players. Moreover, the related researches has been carried out as early as 1996 on national and international football players. To study the growing development on football, he cooperated with many countries such as Europe, Brazil and China, from 2003 to 2009. The course schedule of the seminar was as follows: 1. Talent development of young football players: some biological-related questions 2. Maturity related-variation in growth status, functional capacities and football-specific skills 3. Talent development in the context of a bio-social-cultural perspective 4. Metabolic response to exercise

Implemented by Department of Sports Sciences
Date: 2019/11/25-2019/11/29

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