Don’t just wandering, go ahead and do it. As long as brave, can see wonderful yourself

This time we are very pleasure to invite Jang Xiuzhen teacher, who are full of experiences for the mountain climbing and promoting education, to tell us her experiences. Hoping to encourage the presence of many students, the content of the lecture is very touching and made students feel a lot, like a teacher in the eyes of everyone's greatest achievement is to complete two times on climbing mount Everest, as well as the complete world peak climbing record, along with the vision of change, the teacher also gradually knew that she wanted to do everything for forest environmental education ; Also teacher sayed that she’s not the smartest one, but by the past efforts and experience makes more people agree with, have recommended teacher to studied for atmospheric sciences in NTU. This way of life for students can be the lighthouse for students to face any kind of obstacles and lost. And also hoping students not only initiation the vision for protect our forest environment, but can be more face the eagering in their own heart,and go to follow their dreams, just like the lecture title said, "as long as brave, can see wonderful yourself.”

Implemented by College of Science
Date: 2020/10/13

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