The Gathering of Arts, a combination of diverse groups in arts, can be extend to refer to the vision and identity of each group through cooperation in arts. Complex interactions and connections among artists, curators, art history scholars, galleries, museums, foundations, collectors, art fairs and auction companies, creates a strong art circle. Through trading and movement of artworks, resources sharing, knowledge transfer, and information exchange, the views and identities of the various groups have been built up, which in turns forms a more comprehensive community of arts. The connections among diverse groups lead to a balanced and thriving art industry as well as giving new meanings to the modern art industry. Continuing the highlights in 2019 ART TAIPEI, 2020 ART TAIPEI will present the idea of “The Gathering of Arts” through thematic curations. With the participation of exhibitors at home and aboard, curation based on themes, talks and seminars, 2020 ART TAIPEI will explore the trend of art becoming industrialized under the influence of globalization, as well as discussions in a macroscopic view to define the position and form that art takes in modern society.

Implemented by Department of Visual Arts
Date: 2020/10/28

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