Seminar: National Taiwan Sport University Chancellor Ping-kun Chiu lectures the interaction between coaches and athletes

The interactive relationship between coaches and athletes lectured by Ping-Kun Chiu, President of the National Taiwan Sport University. It’s crucial for an athlete to behave, making the referee aware you are different from the rest of them; in the arena, you can have a sense of dominance from the moment you step in the arena. However, during training, when the coach is asking questions, it’s not for an excellent athlete to just listen. The feedback from the athletes is also very important. In particular, the coach must be able to ask the right questions and solve the athlete’s problems. The mistakes usually made by coaches and players are because lack of communication to get to the bottom. The suspicions occur when coaches do not get to the bottom but simply ask superficial questions that ignored the details. The feedback from the athletes can also be helped from the sports science which fetched the physiological data from exercise physiology tests that may inform the coaches to adjust their training strategy. Sometimes communication did not reflect the true scenario about athlete’s condition, for example, coaches said spinning more often or using more power output. These instructions did not very clear how much they should perform because the coach did not have the same feelings as the athlete. This is crucial especially atmospheres around the training environment and teamwork. Some disciplines are necessary. If an athlete has bad virtue, work ethic, and life management not only affect the team performance but also the athlete itself in terms of long-term career development. Again, disciplines are necessary and crucial.

Implemented by Graduate Institute of Sports Training
Date: 2020/11/05

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