The geological education visit for eastern of Taiwan.

Develop through sustainable tourism that integrates the form of environmental education, and practice the connection between classroom geology and the actual sustainable development of land and sea ecology, and through the relocation of professional lecturers and institutions to teach students more The care and inspiration for the sustainable development of natural resources in the land and sea areas, in the hope that after the end of this project, they can use their own experience and teacher abilities to promote it to more students. Through field course visits to the field of teaching, to learn the fault movement in the eastern half of Taiwan and the past time and space background relationship, and to further observe the land and sea geological evolution and topography, I hope that the students will be here. In the planning process, the lessons learned in the classroom are combined and applied to the observation level. It is hoped that after the end of the experience program, a different environmental education experience course will be developed to allow more people to learn about natural sciences.

Implemented by College of Science
Date: 2020/10/30-2020/11/02

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