The Oppressed theater- Business phenomena of the Oppressed

The main content of the activity is as described in the process. The lecturer uses various physical oppression experience activities to make students feel that strong can defeat the strong. When we feel the oppression, our body will naturally fight against it. If the opponent is too week, they will be afraid that if the strength is too great, they will fall down. On the other hand, the experience of following the pressure of the crowd makes the participants more aware that it is not easy to reject a bunch of people, and the blind obedience of the masses. Finally, the Bullying Trilogy provides a more vivid interpretation of various bullying phenomena, including online, physical, and relationship bullying, etc. It is possible to look positively at negative messages, find social support, and break the vicious circle of bullying.

Implemented by Center for Teacher Education and Career Development
Date: 2019/10/29-2019/11/12

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