Dawn after the mist

The sophomore and first-year orientation camp organized by the three departments of Taipei City University will take this opportunity to learn about gender equality, teamwork, reducing inequality, understanding the sustainability of cities and communities, and promoting relationships among students. Let the participants feel each other's friendship and enthusiasm, and pass on this enthusiasm, so that they can face every bit of college life. It also allows students to learn the ability to run activities and cultivate a sense of responsibility, expand the circle of friends in life, learn to establish peaceful interpersonal relationships, cooperate with people in different fields, learn each other's strengths, and improve each other. Our school is located in the center of the cosmopolitan city, and this activity is located in a rural community. Participants can understand the importance of sustainable cities and communities.

Implemented by Department of Applied Physics and Chemistry
Date: 2020/11/20-2020/11/22

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