Data Science Competition

The Department of Mathematics has two data analysis competitions every year: Visual Data Analysis Creative Competition and Creative Data Science Competition. This year's competition will be held on November 24 and December 7 respectively. These two competitions are combined with the courses of the department, allowing students to find interesting statistical data from the government or private information, collect the data, analyze the data, and make conclusions. The visual data analysis competition is for students to present the results of statistical analysis through visual statistical package software to present the results clearly and completely through the charts and descriptions in the software. The creative data science competition is for students to use R language to analyze data and find the hidden information in the data, and explain the meaning of the information. We hope that through these activities, students can fully understand the statistical knowledge they have learned and be able to apply the knowledge they have learned in life and work.

Implemented by Department of Mathematics
Date: 2020/11/24-2020/12/07

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