109 National Women's Baseball Championship

The purpose of the competition: to develop national sports, improve the technical level of women's baseball and select outstanding players to form the Chinese women's baseball team, representing my country in the 10th World Cup Women's Baseball Championship in 2020. Competition date: September 19-26, 2020 Venue: New Taipei City Sanchong Baseball Stadium Participating teams: 13 teams concerned department Instructor: Sports Department, Ministry of Education Organizers: Republic of China Baseball Association, New Taipei City Government Sports Office Co-organizer: New Taipei City Sports Association Baseball Committee Broadcasting unit: Competition rules Game rules: Adopt the rules of the Republic of China baseball. Designated hit: DH can be used in this event. Game ball: BRETT BR-200 hard baseball. Regular rounds: seven rounds. Every game is played until the end of the game, and the deadlock is broken. End early: The difference between the four rounds is more than 15 points, and the difference between the five rounds is more than 10 points. The current competition system Preliminaries: 13 teams are divided into 2 groups. The winning team of each group advances to the championship, and each group takes two teams to advance to the final. Finals: 4 teams in a single elimination round.

Implemented by Department of Ball Sports
Date: 2020/09/19-2020/09/26

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