East Taiwan Ecological Outdoor Visit.

(1)Background Bymeans of developing sustainable tourism that integrates environmental education, we also connect and fulfill the sustainable development of biology and actual ecology in the classroom. Relocation teaching through professional lecturers and institutions, and with an eye on encouraging students to care for and enlighten the sustainable development of natural resources in land and sea areas. We hope that even this project was over, students can still using their own experience and teaching abilities to promote more knowledge to public. (2) Learning objectives Through the field trip teaching to study the relationship between the ecology of eastern Taiwan and the past time-space background. We expect that students can combine what they have learned in class and apply them to the observation level in the process of this project. We also anticipate that students can develop different environmental education experience courses to inspire more and more people to learn about natural sciences.

Implemented by College of Science
Date: 2020/11/27-2020/11/30

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