Ode to Beethoven

It coincides with the celebration of Beethoven’s 250th birthday and University of Taipei’s anniversary in 2020. The choir conductor Ou Yuanfan and the orchestra conductor Zhang Jiayun will lead all the students of the Music Department to perform Beethoven’s classics and celebrate this rare event with the world music scene. The choir of the Musicology Department of University of Taipei is composed of students who have taken the chorus course in the department. According to the needs of the repertoire of practice or performance, it is divided into different groups such as mixed vocal group, female vocal group and male vocal group. In order to enhance and enhance the chorus singing skills and stage singing experience of the members, in addition to the regular training courses arranged every week, they also regularly participate in on-campus and off-campus concerts every school year. The sung repertoire covers classical choral sacred music works from the East and the West, art songs, musical selections and folk songs from various countries, as well as works by modern Taiwanese composers. The Orchestra of the Musicology Department of University of Taipei is composed of students who are studying wind and string music in the department. The repertoire spans various music schools. The performances are well received in collaboration with school teachers and world-class masters. In addition, it regularly participates every year. Concerts are held at the National Concert Hall, Taipei Zhongshan Hall, and Zhongzheng Hall on campus, including various performances such as school celebration concerts, teacher and student concerts, concerto nights, inter-school exchanges and academic exchanges at home and abroad.

Implemented by Department of Music
Date: 2020/12/15

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