Leadership Excellence seminar: How to make career planning The nature of leadership in enterprises.

As a proverb says “The finest steel has to go through the hottest fire.” To be an outstanding leader, you must go through a lot of chastening. Herbalife Taiwan General Manager Ceasar Cheno, who promoted from cassettes salesman to general manager. He keeps learning in every process, and understands what kind of person he is. He said facing every challenge no matter what the result is, without precondition, but just do your best. Moreover, a good company is able to support employees the opportunity to growth and professional development. He mentioned that: As a successful leader, there are several ways to convince employees to work for you, such as: 1. Give them affirmation and praise 2. Make them feel valued 3. Listen to their needs 4. Communication Finally, in order to build a good company, we should always remember that a positive thinking and mindset in everything.

Implemented by Department of Sports Sciences
Date: 2021/02/22

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