Samsung Charity Concert

"Brave Dreams, Dancing for the Future-Samsung Charity Concert" was held at the gymnasium on the Tianmu campus of Taipei City University, including famous Taiwanese and Korean artists such as Henry, Apink, Hao Jiaoxiangqi, Bii Bi Shujin, Xiao Huangqi, Chen Yixiu, and POP Corn Gathering together to bring assistance to 2,000 disadvantaged children under the guidance and assistance of the Social Affairs Bureau of the Taipei City Government, the Children's Welfare Alliance Cultural and Educational Foundation (Child Welfare Alliance), and the Taiwan Children and Family Support Foundation (Family Support Foundation) With the wonderful performances, the artists also shared their stories of struggle before becoming famous, hoping to encourage children to show confidence and support them to pursue and fulfill their dreams in life.

Implemented by Office of Physical Education
Date: 2014/10/09-2014/10/13

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