Class 106 Graduation performance "Next One" in 2021, Department of Sports Performing Arts, University of Taipei

This performance program combines multimedia images and uses multiple cross-domain performance forms to explore youth life issues in the demonstration of body performance. It combines drama, acrobatic dance, lion art, drum art, street dance, modern dance and stage-step presentation and other physical theater forms to show it, using non-realistic interpretations. In this weird atmosphere, a female college student is the protagonist. Mining more past memories, through choice, language, inner dialogue, emotional management, cyberbullying, and throughout the story. Through each character, explore the mood and feelings between the heroine and the story in the story. In every inner attack and dialogue, you can get a deeper understanding and enter the heart of the character.

Implemented by Department of Sport Performing Arts
Date: 2021/05/08-2021/05/09

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