Taipei City University handles 110 credit classes for in-service teachers of bilingual education in primary and secondary schools

The Ministry of Education has entrusted our school to handle the 6-credit course for in-service teachers of bilingual teaching since this summer vacation. The course is divided into four stages. Currently, the first stage is tentatively 7/6~7/16; the second stage is 110/ 9/15~111/1/12; the third stage is 111/1/21~1/23; the final fourth stage is a return course, arranged on 111/7/2 (Saturday). The course of the first stage is divided into two steps, 7/6~7/16 is the first step; the second step is 8/10~8/20. The content of the course is based on the resolution of the coordinating meeting of the bilingual energetic credit classes for elementary and secondary schools held by the Ministry of Education on March 25, 110, including the curriculum design of bilingual education and the development of teaching knowledge, bilingual teaching practice and teaching reflection-international link online courses , Bilingual teaching effectiveness evaluation and feedback, and return courses, etc.

Implemented by Center for Teacher Education and Career Development
Date: 2021/07/06-2022/07/02

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