108 Local Education Counseling Plan: Workshop on Enhancing the Capacity of Yilan County Badminton Key Schools

Improve the badminton ability of players in Yilan County Badminton School Class Content 1.Trend of badminton, sports science theory 2.Rules and application of badminton, physical training method 3.Sparring demonstration, doubles teaching 4.Tactical practice of serve attack, receive and serve attack, pulling and hanging, pulling and hanging blitz, hanging and killing on the internet 5. Tactical practice of serve-attack, serve-attack, pull-hang, pull-hang blitz, hanging and killing on the Internet 6.Strategy and tactics application, actual simulation sparring 7.Domestic and overseas tournament experience sharing and comprehensive discussion round

Implemented by Center for Teacher Education and Career Development
Date: 2019/12/21-2019/12/22

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