Wheelchair basketball

Teacher Li Yihua arranged to introduce wheelchair basketball related information to the first and second grade graduate students of the transfer program, and then arranged an experience course. Two wheelchair basketball players were grouped to guide students to familiarize themselves with the operation of wheelchair basketball and the various dribbles of wheelchair basketball. , Passing and layup skills, and a three-on-three practice game. The Q&A before the end allowed students to interact with the two national wheelchair basketball players to ask questions, and to have a deeper understanding of the development of wheelchair basketball in Taiwan. It is hoped that in the future, these graduate students who transfer to the post-graduate course will enter the workplace to help promote the development of wheelchair basketball.

Implemented by Master's Program of Transition and Leisure Education for Individuals with Disabi
Date: 2021/11/25
Link: https://www.facebook.com/106921941755709/videos/1083214245576818

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