2021 Department of English Instruction Graduation Performance

Behind the Curtain, the Class of 2022’s graduation performance, broke tradition for the first time, providing the audience a whole new experience and enjoyment with a family mystery comedy. The audience may sense the love and care of a family through the English drama performance. We hope that after seeing the play, people would be inspired to appreciate their family and friends. After all, we only live once. This time, students from the Department of English Instruction from the Class of 2022 developed their original script with their own ideas for the theme, plot, content, and they wrote the lines all in English. At the same time, original music and dance were used to add color to the play. The words, composition, arrangement, accompaniment, and recording of the three original songs were all handled by the department’s students! Following that, two rich and dramatic musical dances were designed and staged in accordance with the complete version of the original songs. This made the performance this year exceedingly unique! This year, we also invited external directors to provide professional aid and advice to all of the performers, as well as a props teacher to provide guidance in the creation of props, in order to make the overall presentation of the drama more realistic and natural. Additionally, we ask stage lighting and sound professionals to assist us in providing a greater theater experience for the audience. Last but not least, with the assistance of a professional photography crew, both the performers and the audience are able to leave the most beautiful and profound memories. This year’s graduation performance has a relatively large audience. The play’s plot, the performers’ sincere acting, the original songs and dances, as well as the costumes, props, stage lighting, and the booklet, were all highly praised and appreciated. A big thank you to all the teachers and professionals who helped with this production, as well as the audience and, most significantly, all of the staff who has been involved in the preparation. It is believed that this year’s graduation performance, Behind the Curtain, has provided everyone with a distinctive drama feast, accomplishments, and a whole new experience.

Implemented by Department of English Instruction
Date: 2021/12/18
Link: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100073644092580

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