109 Local Education Counseling Plan:Northeast Corner "Tribute to Good and Common Preparation" Classroom Teaching Improvement Plan

Taipei University Rural School Service Consultation Meeting Meeting date: September 5, 110 19:00∼21:00 Recommendations and Conclusions 1. Expand the number of partners and establish more types of school needs: Combine with the New Taipei City Rural Strategy Alliance to increase the number of surveys on the needs of rural schools and diversify the modes of assistance. 2. The goal of assistance should be to focus on student learning and improve students' basic learning ability, and reject schools' requests for assistance oriented to winning awards and competitions. 3. The learning ability of national mathematics is the weakest and most important area that needs to be strengthened in rural schools. 4. Assist teachers in rural schools to establish a cloud-based learning platform to enhance the effectiveness of differentiated and mixed-age teaching, with the goal of student self-learning. 5. Innovate the mode of assistance, promote remote and cross-school professional enrichment, and reduce the energy consumption of staff movement, which can also promote school cooperation. 6. To reach out to rural schools and seek service opportunities. 7. Assist in the planning and establishment of a model of curriculum articulation within the school district.

Implemented by Center for Teacher Education and Career Development
Date: 2021/09/05

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