109 Local Education Counseling Plan: Kindergarten Body Rhythms and Large Muscle Development Teaching and Learning Enhancement

I. Warm-up activities Whole school physical rhythm - banana song, welcome to the sun, big hippo II. Main activities 1. Hippopotamus. Two groups of two children make movements with the music interlude (1) Clap your hands and clap your hands Clap your own hand four times and clap your friend's hand three times when you hear "clap clap clap". (2) pulling hands and jumping (3) shake hands to shake hands to twist buttocks 2. Guessing song. Two groups of two children, listen to the fist-guessing song fist-guessing, the losing child will put his hand on the winning shoulder, and then find the next group fist-guessing, and finally become a large circle to follow the music around the circle. "Good friends, we salute, shake hands, to guess the fist. Let's see who wins. The loser has to come with me." 3. Relaxation activities Run to the playground, play on the playground, drink water and get ready to go to class.

Implemented by Center for Teacher Education and Career Development
Date: 2021/03/03

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