109 Local Education Counseling Plan: Kindergarten Body Rhythms and Large Muscle Development Teaching and Learning Enhancement

I.Warm-up activities Whole school physical exercise - Health and vitality GO, Welcome to the sunset, Happy donut II. Main Activities 1. Little mouse looking for food Ask five children from each class to be mice to look for food (fallen leaves on the ground) and put the food into the pot (balloon umbrella), the other children holding the pot should work together to keep the food inside the pot. 2.Throw out the broken food Ask the children to swing the balloon umbrella together to swing the food out of the pot. 3.Cat and Mouse When the music stops, the mouse hole will be closed and two children will be the cats to catch the mouse. When the music stops, the cat cannot be inside the hole. III. Relaxation Activities Walk around the school, play in the playground, drink water and get ready to go to class.

Implemented by Center for Teacher Education and Career Development
Date: 2021/04/07

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