109 Local Education Counseling Plan: Kindergarten Body Rhythms and Large Muscle Development Teaching and Learning Enhancement

I. Warm-up activities The whole park physical rhythm - health and vitality GO, cute animal gymnastics, love pulling. II. Main activities 1. Get bigger, get smaller (1) Each person will stand in a scattered position. (2) The teacher will call for bigger, and the children will open their arms and legs to make a bigger shape. (3) The teacher will call for smaller, and the children will shrink their arms and legs to make them smaller. 2. Please do this with me (1) Each person stands scattered. (2) The teacher puts both hands in a fist on top of the nose. (3) The teacher makes the "um" sound while placing his or her hands on any part of the body. (4) The children should follow the teacher's changes to make the movements. III. Calming Activities Run to the playground, play on the playground, drink water and get ready to go to class.

Implemented by Center for Teacher Education and Career Development
Date: 2021/04/14

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