109 Local Education Counseling Plan: Deepening and refinement of campus information education staff

1.To prepare for the visit on 4/23, Director Cheng Zhongkai and teacher Hua Meizhen are responsible for finding a travel agency to plan the trip and contacting Chiayi City Beixing National Middle School. 2. Please provide your ideas for this semester's school counseling, and we will issue an article on the following Monday or Tuesday after the content is provided. 3. Since information security issues are becoming more and more important, it is necessary to arrange training for our counselors to become information security training lecturers, and they can serve as information security study lecturers in schools in the future. 4.The Information Technology Department is planning to make educational videos. 30 videos are expected to be shot for the elementary school section. 5.The performance of the teachers accepted in the teacher audition varies, so a questionnaire survey will be conducted in the future to investigate the performance of the teachers accepted in each school after one year of service, as well as school satisfaction and feedback. 6. Please start to think of a theme for the June IT application forum.

Implemented by Center for Teacher Education and Career Development
Date: 2021/03/12

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