2022 Keyword Inheritance: International Symposium on Confucianism and Language

International Symposium Announcement The "Continuance of Keywords: International Symposium on Confucianism and Language" was held online today (June 24, 2022) by the Department of Chinese Language and Literature and the Confucian Center of the College of Humanities and Arts, Taipei City University. AB screenings. The theme of this conference is "Inheritance of Keywords", the purpose is to discuss how to inherit the existing core values ​​and create an academic system and values ​​that meet the needs of the times in the face of changes in the transformation of the times. A total of 18 papers were published in this symposium. There were scholars and experts from Malaysia, South Korea, Russia and other foreign countries. Professor Yang Zuhan of Central University was specially invited to give us a keynote speech "Key words to penetrate Confucian thought". These excellent 18 papers are divided into the fields of rational thought, language and literature, and in-depth discussions on the development of the times and key turning points, and jointly explore and discuss with special discussants, which makes the key words in various academic fields more rigorous and profound. academic exchanges. More than 100 people participated in the whole seminar. The scholars included not only senior scholars, but also Mesozoic and academic rookies, as well as new research scholars such as master and doctoral students and college students. This seminar was a success!

Implemented by Department of Chinese Language & Literature Studies
Date: 2022/06/24

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