General Education Speech:The Last Man: Pandemic, Literature and Civilization

The speech was held on April 20, 2022. The Last Man is an apocalyptic science fiction novel by Mary Shelley, first published in 1826. It is said that this book predicts the future. In the story, the trinity of war, plague, and global warming all go hand in hand. Human beings are almost extinct and there is only one person left, while nature gradually returns to its original beauty.Pandemics have long been considered a terrifying thing while they are weakly related to history. In fact, pandemics often dramatically change human’s history. It is said that pandemics are the product of human civilization. In the past, pandemics often broke out due to gatherings when there was a war or a famine. However, pandemics become more serious than before due to the new factors such as globalization and global warming. If we cannot find the core of all these problems, the extinction of humanity may be imminent. Therefore, the purpose of this speech is to explore the reasons and the related crises for pandemics through the evolution of civilization and literature.

Implemented by General Education Center
Date: 2022/04/19-2022/04/20

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