(Lecture Series) Under the Covid, the Surpassing of Second-tier Cities in Taiwan

In this speech, the speaker first cuts in from the perspective of globalization, expounding on the Internet era of globalization and rapid information flow, the thinking needs to be updated, and in the Internet era, there are also issues, which need to be solved with new thinking. The author also mentioned that the use of structural holes, strong and weak connections, and network analysis guidance should extend this thinking to urban management and organizational systems. How to find the context on an issue, find structural holes, and connectivity issues. Applying it to the urban development of Keelung, from the analysis of the predicament, find the structural hole, and go deep into the community to generate weak links and build consensus. I also felt the speaker's love for the city of Keelung and his enthusiasm for urban planning. He also mentioned that planning is a gerund, continuous rather than a simple action. As long as there are people living here, planning will continue. Constantly, it attracts the audience very much.

Implemented by Department of Urban Development
Date: 2022/08/04

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