Marine Science and Environmental Issues

The core spirit of this structured course is to teach comprehensive and macro marine knowledge, to develop the habit of active learning, and to give them the world care and personality that an earth citizen who thinks independently and recognizes correct values should possess. Focus on major topics such as "climate change", "marine resources", "green energy technology", "marine conservation", "disaster prevention", "lecture", "reading", "discussion and dialogue", "organization", " Systematic teaching methods such as “Exploration and Experience” train students to learn, think, and understand marine issues. The course content is divided into five major themes: "New Vision of Marine Science and Technology", "Marine Environmental Changes under Global Warming", "Deep Exploration of Taiwan's Marine Environment", "Marine Ecological Crisis and Response", and "Sustainable Management of Marine Green Energy". Through the core of the structure, it is hoped that under the guidance of the five major marine structures, it will be able to endow with rich marine knowledge and literacy.

Implemented by Department of Earth and Life Science
Date: 2022/08/05

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