Campus Alien Species and Ecological Environment Management Mentoring Program

This project originated from the Ministry of Education in 2005 to assist schools in preventing the possible harm and prevention of invasive red fire ants on the campus, and to strengthen teachers' and students' knowledge of the impact of invasive species on the environment and ecology. A prevention and control counseling team has been established, which has been undertaken by the school since 2007. Year by year, in line with the correction of the epidemic prevention strategy of the competent authority and the increase in the types of invasive species, the service content of the plan is adjusted and expanded in stages. Today's global warming, extreme climate phenomena, and climate change may have an impact on biodiversity. The implementation content is no longer aimed at a single species or disease hazards but strengthens the creation of a campus ecological environment and biodiversity, so as to achieve the level of Eco-school. surroundings.

Implemented by Department of Earth and Life Science
Date: 2022/08/05

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