TOEFL iBT Training Class

This course is a TOEFL iBT training course. It is designed for the following three categories of subjects, including those who want to apply for English-speaking universities or research institutes, those who want to apply for exchange students or short-term university courses, and those who want to improve their English ability. Course progress and content include: TOEFL iBT proposition direction, introduction of ten reading question types, introduction of six listening question types, example of speaking question type and high-score template arrangement, example of writing question type and template structure, etc., and supplements Useful Writing Phrases & Quotes, Useful Speaking Phrases, and supplementary vocabulary in various fields, including biology, botany, agriculture, economics, architecture, art, literature, education, technology, geography, geology, assist students in reading, Practical exercises in listening, speaking and writing and understanding of problem-solving skills in each subject.

Implemented by Center for Teaching and Learning Development
Date: 2022/07/25-2022/08/29

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