Hokkien, new combat power

The main purpose of this course is to cultivate students' basic abilities of listening, speaking, reading and writing in Hokkien. The goal is to hope that students who take the course can pass the Taiwanese language test of the Ministry of Education at the intermediate to advanced level. The syllabus of this course is: Lesson 1: Basic Oral Expression, Basic Concepts of Reading and Writing, Introduction to Taiwan Inspection by the Ministry of Education; Lesson 2: Life Dialogue, Roman Character Recognition, Recognition of Common Chinese Characters; Lesson 3: Basic Dialogue, Roman Character Spelling, reading and writing of commonly used Chinese characters; Lesson 4: Simple Oral Expression, Roman Character Reading, Short Text Reading; Lesson 5: Article Reading, Theme Listening and Response, Roman Character and Chinese Writing; Lesson 6: Theme Listening and Expression of Opinion , essay writing, self-study resources.

Implemented by Center for Teaching and Learning Development
Date: 2022/07/26-2022/08/30

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