Nursing Road! How much do you know?

The main purpose of this course is to understand the nursing profession and basic nursing knowledge. The goal is to hope that the students can understand the nursing background, work content, professional advantages and disadvantages, future development, and application of basic nursing knowledge. The syllabus of this course is: 1. Teacher background introduction 2. What are the nursing programs? (Five specialties, universities, post-baccalaureate), 3. Brief introduction to post-baccalaureate nursing, 4. Subjects that nurses must take, 5. Basic nursing Knowledge (sterile wound care, phlegm-related theory, assessment of consciousness, assessment of muscle strength, pain assessment, TV electric shock plot myths, ECG interpretation, simple first aid procedures), 6. How to prepare for the national exam, 7. Clinical nursing The content of the teacher's work, 8. The treatment of the nurse, 9. The class and promotion system of the nurse, 10. The teacher's work experience sharing and experience, 11. The future development of the nurse (including other career options).

Implemented by Center for Teaching and Learning Development
Date: 2022/08/15

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