Edutopia x Psychological Counseling Herbivorous Area

To fits the theme of Edutopia, we chose a psychological test that combines the concepts of different departments. We hope that students will experience the test and have more knowledge of The Department of Psychological Counseling. This exhibition area introduces some basic information to dispel myths and establish a relatively correct impression of The Department of Psychological Counseling. In addition to the basic introduction, we also use resilience tests to make people experience and realize that the Department of Psychological Counseling is not only use dialogue, but also use different way to help people expressing and understanding themselves. Different forms of expression can also be linked to different departments in the school. For example, Art therapy is related to the Department of Visual Arts, Dance Therapy is related to The Department of Sports Performing Arts, music therapy is related to The department of music.

Implemented by College of Education
Date: 2022/11/01

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